July 24, 2024

Where to Get Jellyfish In Wacky Wizard

Jellyfish are a great pet to have as they can be quite beneficial as well as cute and colorful! In today’s article we’ll explore some of the various places you can find jellyfish, so read on!

In freshwater areas, jellyfish will spawn from bubbles. These bubbles spawn at random locations in the water, and pop when you get close to them. If there is a jellyfish in the bubble when it pops, that jellyfish will then be available for your capture!

If you are looking for jellyfish in desert biomes, they can spawn from cacti by cutting off the top of the cactus and allowing it to dry out. When this is done, the top will change into a jellyfish bubble.

How to get the jellyfish in wacky wizards

The jellyfish will stop moving if you don’t move your mouse, but you’ll need to keep the jellyfish in sight. If it goes off screen, try scrolling or resizing the window until you can see it again.

How to make a Jelly Fish Cage without using sand in Wacky Wizard

All you need to do is get a cactus that’s at least one block high, then just dry it out. Once that’s done, put the wacky wizard jellyfish in it! If the cactus was touching water when you dried it out, just run into it with an empty bucket and all of the water will be transferred to the bucket.

The jellyfish will still catch fire, but they’re pretty small and won’t last long.

If you want to get rid of your jellyfish easily, just put a cactus next to it and let them both dry out together! You can then use one of the water buckets that was in the jellyfish to re-hydrate the cactus.

Jellyfish are found in the ocean, so you can’t find them at your local grocery store!

They will also only spawn in bodies of water that are at least two blocks deep, so you’ll have to go swimming to find them.

In order to trap a jellyfish bubble where it is, just throw some sand next to the bubble and it’ll stop moving as long as there’s some on top of it. Then you can just scoop it up with a bucket. You can also use dirt instead of sand, but if you do so the jellyfish will die in less than a minute!

If you want to get rid of your jellyfish, just put some water next to them and they’ll inflate themselves until they pop! If there’s no water around when they pop, they’ll just die.

Jellyfish can’t be found in a normal forest, but you could probably make an underground forest to catch them in! Make sure there’s enough water though! Only two blocks deep at the very least. I recommend using a 3 block high ceiling if your world is setup for it.

You’ll need to go to a pet store or aquarium for jellyfish, but don’t expect them to give you a discount just because you’re a wizard

If you want a hydrilla plant, just get some potting soil from the store and drop it on grass. Then add water until there’s wherever your desired depth is. You’ll need to keep the grass hydrated so it doesn’t turn into dirt, but once the hydrilla is set up you can just sit back and watch it grow!


Overall jellyfish are a really great pet in Wacky Wizards, but make sure you know where to find them! However if you’re looking for more ways to get jellyfish or want some other wacky wizard info check out our other articles!

There are countless different Jelly Fish in the ocean, so go exploring and see what you can find!